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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Thorbjørn Jensen
Born: May 1970
High School Diploma: Greve Gymnasium, 1989
Professional Diploma: Cand. Scient., Copenhagen University
September 27, 1999
Major:     Exercises and Sports Science
Minor:     Biology
Professional career since 1989:
1986-1996 Athletics Instructor for Greve IF, - teaching apparatus exercises and gymnastics (leaps and rhythm) to children and adolescents. Participating in athletics instructor training courses within the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (Dansk Gymnastik Forbund)
1989 - 1991 Mailman for Post Danmark - The Danish National Postal Services
1990 - ? Practising Triathlon. Member of the Danish National Team from 1991-1997.
1991 Studying Exercises and Sports Science at Copenhagen University
1992 - ? Participating in national and international triathlon championships and competitions
1994 - 1996  Temporary employment as an attendant and lifeguard for Copenhagen Sports Facilities (Københavns Idrætsanlæg)
1997 - 2004 Swim coach for the triathlon club, Tri-4.
 Recommendation (pdf)
1996 -1999 Teaching high school students and teacher aspirants at Copenhagen University, August Krogh Instituttet
1998 - 1999 Instructor of sports science students at Copenhagen University, 1st- 4th semester
1998-? Student lectures on sports and physiology, e.g. on planning, nutrition, health and doping
1999- 2000 Teaching Assistant at Copenhagen University, 1) work physiology for sports science majors, 2) physiology during rest and work for biology majors, 3) Exercises for sports science majors (height physiology and water/salt balance).
1999-2001 Guest lecturer in anatomy and physiology for MATAS, a Danish business chain for cosmetics and health care products
2000 Professional Postgraduate Teacher Training Course (pædagogikum) completed at Christianshavn High School in physical education and biology
2001  Temporary employment at Østrigsgade Primary School in Copenhagen
2001- 2002 Temporary teacher of biology at Kildegaard High School (part time)
2001- ?  Permanently employed as a High School and Higher Preparatory Examination teacher (upper secondary school teacher), physical education and biology at Frederiksberg VUF (general adult education)         Recommendation (pdf)
Final thesis from Copenhagen University, Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences: an experimental study of the effects of de-hydration and heat on physical performance. The thesis was presented in a scientific article and has been presented as a poster at the European College of Sport Science 4th Congress in Rome in the summer of 1999



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